Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tarheels vs. Terps

A great ACC matchup #3 TERPS vs. #4 Tarheels. What depth the ACC has with such a strong core of players.

The Terps are lead by Toliver the premier point guard in D1. She is a junior that carries herself with strengths of a senior. Her supporting cast includes Marisa Coleman, Crystal Langhorn and Laura Harper. Langhorn is he strength in the front line bu ther Terps lack depth in the post to support Langhorn. Coleman is a great shooter that opens up opportunities for Langhorn. Harper is a contributor with a mid range game the really adds dimension for the terps. The TERPS lack depth especially in the paint.

The Heels are lead by Larkins, their senior leader who has not had consistent showings this season. The Heels are lacking experience at the point guard position but some big games this year have help DeGraffenreid gain experience and handle some intense pressure that the ACC will bring. The Tarheels are load with depth at the post. The quick, long heels will surely give some matchup problems with the Terps. Intangibles for the Tarheels are LaToya Pringle her rebounding and presences give many teams some matchup problems. McCants has really become a key in the Heels lineup as she continues to show her scoring potential

The game.

First Half - The Tarheels have showed strength by controlling games in the first half. They let teams get close and seem to have spurts of mental break downs. Some of the officiating in the first half was questions for both teams. But the first half was a good showing of the strength in the ACC. Maryland is very good but I think they just don't have the depth to stay with team that match up evenly with them.

Second Half - The Terps came back strong, but foul trouble really hurt them in the end. Their shooting really opened up the second half to force Carolina to have to come from behind. Maryland should have won the game in the first half they played the better half but the Tarheels keep pushing through the tie the game and force OT.

1st OT - INTENSE. It was a back and forth during the first OT and no TEAM really took control of the game. Both had opportunities to win but no one took control forcing a second OT.

2nd OT - The Tarheels prevail. Foul trouble really hurt the Terps in the second OT and the Tarheels pull through to win. Pringle was the force that made a difference in the game.

The Tarheels get the win with Pringle leading the Tarheels with 31. The Terps had strength in scoring with their top performers still maintain their averages.


Anonymous said...

UNC shot 38 FTs after halftime after shooting 0 in the 1st half. No UNC player finished the game with more than 3 fouls, while virtually all of Maryland's players had 4 or 5 fouls. The refs didn't allow MD to play defense after halftime. What was called against Maryland on one end, was not whistled on the other end when UNC did the very same thing. This game was completely criminal. And the ACC Commissioner and Supervisor of Refs is a Heel and has her name hanging in Carmichael.

Anonymous said...

I agree fouling was an issue and Maryland did get the worst end of the deal. The refs need to be more consistent across the board. Several games I have seen this year has been some questionable calls. The women always get 'refs in training.'

The tournament is going to be great. Many potential winners this year.

THANKS for you comments.